PowerShell: How to find whether the machine is waiting for Restart

One of the biggest problems of many system administrators is to restart the machines on the network. So how do we get this information, and how can this information help us?

The machine is waiting for restart, you can reach it simply by using the PowerShell command below.


Invoke-WmiMethod -Namespace "ROOTccmClientSDK" -Class CCM_ClientUtilities -Name DetermineIfRebootPending

One of my customers’ most inquiries was how to get the user machines to restart regularly.

First, we need to check whether the machine really needs restarts. If the machine wants to restart, we can produce various scenarios.
If the machine wants to restart, we can send the machine restart command.

Restart-Computer -ComputerName "ComputerName" -Force

Or it shows a warning to the user and the importance of restarting the machine can be explained. Such an interface can be improved either by HTML or again with PowerShell, allowing the user to confront it.